As a first year student, I didn’t know what to expect from the annual Dance show Loughborough students hold every February. How much commitment was needed? What was the level of talent like? How much performance would the students offer? I have been a keen dancer myself for over twelve years, training regularly in order to make myself the best within my small, yet dedicated, local dance school. However, as I sat in The Cope Auditorium on Friday 5th February to watch the other performances, I really was shown how #LboroGirlsCan. The standard of technique, choreography and entertainment Katie Minnett and her committee team provided was utterly amazing – I sat and watched in complete awe and admiration.

This year, the team decided to focus the theme around stories, fairy tales and myths – hence cleverly naming the show ‘Into The Story’ and casting various different characters and roles into the performances, including Medusa, The Three Blind Mice and Dracula.

The show consists of Two Acts, which each comprise of fifteen dances that belong to a diverse range of dance genre. From Latin to Hip-Hop and Ballet to Jazz, the dance styles offer something new and exciting to each performance (look out for Jesus lifts, pirouettes and plenty of body popping!) It is obvious that dance experts have devised the routines, with Gareth Woodward and Gabriella Shier choreographing flawless performances to well-known hip-hop rap and tap tunes.

Amongst the thirty dances, we have an Alice in Wonderland routine (choreographed by the talented Veronia Spaine), the orphans from Annie (a Jazz piece created by Katy Cova) and a fantastic piece which focuses on the idea of ‘video games’ – it is so quirky and innovative the audience shouted for an encore! With creative solo pieces, gorgeous duets, sassy quartets and groups of thirty plus, the stage really is bombarded by sheer talent, dedication and entertainment.

In fear of giving too much away, I would encourage each and every one of you to purchase a ticket for one of the shows held on the 11th or 12th of February –as the Saturday night showing is already sold out! If you’re interested in dance, performance or simply just want a good night out, then come and support our amazing dancing girls (and boys!) on The Cope Stage. It really is out to be the best one yet. See you all in the audience!

Dates: Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th February

Time: 7:30pm start

Price: £4 for students/concessions and £6 for adults

Livv Ferris


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