With Semester One well and truly over and exams and coursework out of the way (for now), I thought it was time to give everyone a little update one what’s happening in Label at the moment. Lots has happened since I last gave you an update at the end of November, so here you are!


Test The last time I wrote an editorial, Label were awaiting news on whether we had been successful in our bid to host SPANC16, and well, I’m pleased to say we were! You can find out more here and we’ll be posting videos, information and lots more about the upcoming conference shortly. I also met with Roxy Winterborne this week from the Marketing Department of the School of the Arts, English and Drama who published a piece online about us hosting SPANC16, you can find this here. Aside from organising SPANC, a few of us from media had a little trip out last weekend to the SPA Midlands Regional Conference, giving us a flavour of how an SPA conference operates as well as learning lots about the journalism industry throughout the day and meeting some new people!


Alongside this, Label have been doing lots of planning for the upcoming Exec Elections! With this starting in just a few weeks time, we’ve go articles in the lead up to the elections to inform everyone of how they operatewhat changes there are this year and how to approach the time as a fresher, we know it’s confusing! Our elections coverage will appear on a whole new website, featuring all of our best content, whilst Label will also bring you comment pieces and more in Elections update leaflets throughout the campaign period!

There’s not just the Exec Elections to think about at the moment, with the NUS Delegate Election also open. Find out more here, and Label will update you on winners once they’re announced!


Leanna Kightley and I joined Paul Johnston last week to do our first ever Label Bulletin. A little bit spontaneous, but we had a lot of fun and sound much more serious than we thought we would, it appears Paul had to cut out all of our giggles! No doubt we’ll be doing more bulletins to update you on Label’s biggest stories more often, so if you’re an LCR fan, let us know what you think of our “big” article choices! The SPANC team are also working on some promo videos, so unfortunately we won’t be hiding behind a computer screen for too much longer once our faces appear in a few videos.

TestLabel Magazine

Issue 5 of Label will be available post-Exec Elections on March 4th. We endeavour to fill it with lots of exciting student-based content as well as information on who you chose as your Executive for 2016-17. For now, do peruse our online articles and take a look at Issue 4, available online now!

If you’d like to get involved with Label, please contact me on LabelEditor@lsu.co.uk, we always have loads of opportunities! 


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