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At Loughborough Students’ Union, it is the job of VP: Union Affairs, Max Crawford, to organise an election of delegates to represent the Loughborough students at the NUS National Conference.

Who can run?

Each year, 7 delegate positions are available to represent the 23,000 students of Loughborough University and College. At least one delegate must be representing the college; 4 positions are available for university students and up to 3 positions for college students with 7 delegates in total representing the entirety of Loughborough.

Where is it held and what is it about?

This year, the NUS National Conference will be held in Brighton from 19th-21st April, just after we return to university after Easter. Once elected via a campus wide ballot, it is the role of the delegates to read through the proposals set for the conference in order to understand what is up for discussion and later vote on these items that are brought up at the conference when they attend in April. The items that are passed at the conference present the NUS Executive Committee with their tasks for the following year.

Clearly a role not to be taken lightly then, right?

LSU are looking to improve their relationship with the NUS in the future. This means that this election is more important than in the past in a bid to raise the profile of it and ensure that LSU have a range of representatives for each of the NUS “zones” (presenting different motions and topics within each) at the conference. With Max already increasing the coverage of the conference from last year, the election is happening earlier and is certainly being brought to the fore. From next year, the aim is to have NUS delegates elected to represent LSU for the whole year. (Find out more on this in an upcoming article on Label within the next week).

How to get involved:

Information evening: find out more at 4:30pm on 27th January in the Board Room in the Students’ Union.

Nominations are open from 9am on Friday 29th January and will close at 9am on Monday 1st February.

Send nominations to including your personal details, a optional photograph and 250 words outlining your manifesto as well as proposer and seconder details.

Campaigning is from Monday 1st February at 5pm until Thursday 4th February at 5pm. (No money can be spent on campaigning).

Voting is open from 5pm on Thursday 4th February for 24 hours.

Results will be published at 6pm online on Friday 5th February.

Find out more information in the LSU NUS Delegates Candidates’ Pack here.


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This is Katie's third year involved with LSU Media. Last year she was Label Features Editor and LSU Media Head of News (Content Coordinator). As Label Editor, Katie sits on Senate and also plans on increasing Label's readership, quality and connections with the other sections of LSU Media. Katie was awarded three LSU Media awards at the end of last year for her work with Label, Features and News.


  1. Jack Berisford - Chair of Hall Media on

    I will be interested to see how many people run and what voting turn out is like, especially as the majority of students won’t know that we have NUS delegates and what they do. Also as this election follows hall committee elections and the exec elections I wonder if students will be tired of elections/campaigns and switch off.

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