The start of your second semester looms as a first year student at Loughborough. The first, a true test of your ability to settle and to embrace the challenges and opportunities you’ve encountered. You’ve likely settled into one of Loughborough’s 16 halls whilst balancing the academic rigour of your degree, and maybe even involving yourself in some wider, extracurricular activities, and perhaps made a friend or two along the way.

However, this second semester offers a brand new, alien-like concept to many Freshers. The 2016 Loughborough Students’ Union Executive Elections. This is your chance to vote on the individuals who you feel best represent the values and principles you believe in, from a variety of positions ranging from RAG to Union Affairs, and Media to the mercurial role of Union President. The range is there for all to see, and these paid sabbatical officers are tasked with ensuring their sections thrive, with the ultimate aim of maintaining the financial security and strong reputation of Loughborough Students’ Union.

The ‘Exec’ are led by the Union President, and this president is supported by the following positions:

  • Vice President: Education
  • Vice President: Union Affairs
  • Vice President: Finance & Commercial Services
  • Vice President: Welfare & Diversity
  • Vice President: Sport
  • Vice President: Media
  • Vice President: Societies
  • Vice President: RAG
  • Vice President: Action
  • Vice President: College

All students of Loughborough University and Loughborough College are able to vote for each of the positions available, culminating in the much acclaimed “Results Night”, where the final votes have been cast and the successful candidates are announced.

As a Fresher, you may be asking yourself the question “How and why does this have any impact on me whatsoever?”, and rightfully so. You may have no interest in the Exec nor a care in the world, though the LSU has its reputation of excellence amongst rankings for a reason. On an annual basis; passionate, enthusiastic and articulate Loughborough Students (mostly graduates-to-be, some students hoping for a placement and other people who are wanting to be second-time sabbatical officers) put themselves up to the task of leading our Students’ Union. The 2016 Exec Elections yet again offer a chance for the students of Loughborough to express their views and to vote on these positions.

Over the coming weeks you’ll likely see fancy dress outfits, colourful t-shirts with a “Vote for Me” plea stapled on the front, and you may even acquire a free sweet or two, but beneath the bravado there is a serious message. These are the candidates for the 2016 Loughborough Students’ Union Exec Elections, and you have a large part to play in deciding the recipients of the prestigious “Vice-President” and “President” titles.


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