Being a student has its perks, but being one over the Christmas period can certainly suck. Whether you have exams, coursework, revision, reading or even bits of highlighting to do, your ‘To Do’ list will be endless. With uni work, you know, deep down, there’s always something you can be doing. Nevertheless…

There’s the dilemma with which you’re torn:

Ah, it’s Christmas! What better excuse to do absolutely nothing – you’ve deserved it!


You’re an adult now, and that means: instead of feasting on ginger bread biscuits and copious servings of Pringles throughout the day, you’re gonna have to lock yourself away in your cave, do your work and SUFFER.

More often than not, what we hope will be a productive break away from uni, we’ll fall into the former category. You’re home! There’s free food! (So much food) There’s no washing to do! And you have ALL this free time to sit and binge-watch season after season guilt-free. Until the calendar turns to the 27th of December. Which brings me onto my next point…

Broke City

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling: “Yes I’m a poor student with barely any income, but, IT’S CHRISTMAS! And therefore mounds of debt to add to my rapidly dwindling bank account is totally okay.” But buying your friends drinks who you’ve not seen for eons, the inevitable taxi rides and of course the last-minute prezzies really are all that necessary.

And then your calendar hits the 27th… : “Oh, dear God. I should have just asked for money. And possibly a new liver?”

But Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without that added bit of pressure! After all, it will no doubt give you that extra bit of motivation after New Year’s has come and gone. Use that as an opportunity – or excuse – to get yourself ready to face the final semester of the year. Gulp.



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