Uni life is great. We all know that. But there is something about going home for the holidays that make us feel all warm and Christmassy inside. We take a look at some of the best things about being back at home that we might have used to, in our naïve ignorance, shamefully taken for granted…

  • Having a legit TV license. You can curl up in front of the telly to watch the Apprentice Final (go on Gary!) knowing FOR SURE that your parents will have sorted the license. No worries about *that* knock on the door, no slight twinge of guilt as you click on ‘I have a TV license’, just guilt-free viewing pleasure all the way!
  • Your own bed! Nothing quite compares to sinking down into your own pristine, warm sheets the first night back home. Especially if, like me, you don’t quite get around to washing your bedding at uni quite as much as you should… (Twice a term is enough, right?!)
  • FOOD FOOD FOOD. Need we say more? Just open the fridge and you’re in culinary heaven. So much choice!
  • Your home mates. Aww! Everyone’s still the same, everyone’s getting in the Christmas spirit…and you get to transport your propensity for liver damage from the Loughborough bubble to your home town. From FND to the local Spoons. Madness. Though remember everybody… #BetterDecisions
  • Clean house.
  • Clean bathroom!
  • With January exams looming for most of us, the holidays provide an odd combination of festive joy and an upcoming sense of foreboding…but at least at home whilst revising you might get bought tea and sympathy from concerned parents. It’s a gentle build up to the stress, panic, and downright fear of the exam period (enjoy first year while you can guys!) that you have to face alone and tea-less back in your uni room.
  • And I guess…it’s nice to be back with family again as well. Everyone’s back together and you’re pleased to see them, even your little sister who has turned vegan and is trying to destroy the very fabric of Christmas by poisoning the mind of your Mum against cooking a Turkey…I WILL NOT HAVE A NUT ROAST FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER DAMN IT. Sorry. That brought up some stuff.

Anyway, home life is great! But three weeks might be enough. Merry Christmas!

Rob Godmon


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