This week Label spoke with the Megan Cuffe  the Project Leader for the RNIB College Project:

At RNIB we volunteer at the residential centre for the students from the college, assisting RNIB learners to gain accesss to new experiences both in their own residential centre, activities include doing arts and crafts, playing board games with the students, as well as further afield with the opportunity to get involved with trips and outings during the week and weekends.

How did you get involved with RNIB?

I signed up as a volunteer at the original Action sign ups in Freshers as I was interested in working with students with different disablities.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of RNIB?

Would have to be the welcome you get from the students when you arrive and how happy and appreciative they are of things you help them make.

What is the most challenging aspect of RNIB?

Trying to make sure that all the students get equal attention from you.

Why did you want to be project leader for RNIB?

I just wanted to contribute to action more and I thought that this project needed to try and recruit more volunteers as the students really enjoy the company of us volunteers.

What has been the best moment you have had while volunteering for RNIB?

Seeing how happy students were with themselves when I helped them make a stuffed toy and how grateful they were for my help.

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