Born completely deaf in one ear, music seemed like an unlikely destination for Jacob William. But at the remarkable age of 5, he was introduced to a friend’s piano, and was hooked, penning his first song close after.

Jacob currently resides in London, where he has engaged in numerous creative projects, from live sessions to film making – his first music film ‘Don’t Let Go’ made Official Selection at the American Online Film Awards. Taking him across the pond to the United States, Jacob also worked as a session musician and singer in Los Angeles and Nashville, Texas.

Establishing himself within the industry and on social media as a new act to follow, Jacob recently signed with the renowned Robert Mackintosh and Jayne Collins (The Wanted, The Saturdays).

“If art can be defined as ‘the process by which we encode experience in order to share it with others, then Jacob William is a very fine artist indeed,” – Tom Robinson, BBC introducing


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