Label introduce you to Loughborough’s Halls of Residence

Label have put together a hall profile/ article for every hall in Loughborough. We’ve included the basics, what size the hall is, how big their committee is and more. However, more importantly, we’ve added in quotes, gathered from Hall Committee members, to help show you as freshers, what the hall really has to offer. Click here to see more Hall Profiles!
Telford Freshers First Night Credit Sasha Khan
Telford Freshers First Night

Telford is in a prime location, slap bang in the centre of the student village, just a two minute walk from the library and Papa Si’s. It is split into 5 courts, 4 for undergraduate students and 1 for postgraduates. It boasts two common rooms, so whether you are the life and soul of the party or just fancy a quick game of table tennis with your friends, they are great places to hang out. Home to 485 students, Telford may be the 2nd largest hall but that doesn’t mean it is any less of a community, the increase in size from the smallest hall just two years ago has done wonders for Telford, bringing it into the spotlight and making it more successful than ever!
Just some of the successes Telford has had in the past year include: winning the sing off 2014, winning Hall Committee of the Year at the HCA’s and the most coveted of all, winning Hall of the Year 2015 at the LEA’s.
Telford has an 18 strong committee, all of which are highly dedicated and passionate about the roles which they carry out, and who are busy planning an amazing freshers week.

Welfare and Diversity rep and Vice Chair Hannah Keating says:

“Being part of Telford Hall this year has made my university experience. With its vibrant and enthusiastic foundations combined with the varied personalities of the hall, it’s no wonder we’ve had such a successful year!”

Telford Freshers Kids TV Credit Sasha Khan
Telford Freshers Kids TV

Telford’s Exec hall buddy for this year is VP Union Affairs Max Crawford, and rumour has it he is really excited for a year with the new top dogs. Notable Telford alumni includes VP Societies Jenna Holmes who was involved within hall life for three years.

Like for most students at Loughborough, students in Telford are very competitive, especially when it comes to IMS, however competition never gets in the way of the three F’s- Fun, Flair and Friendship; a motto which life in Telford Hall is based upon. As well as sport, Telford gets stuck in when it comes to fundraising and volunteering, having come out near to the top of the leader board in both Action and Rag this year!

Twitter: @TelfordHall1

Jessica Crean, Telford Media Rep and Label Chief Photographer

Photography courtesy of Sasha Khan


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