Label introduce you to Loughborough’s Halls of Residence

Label have put together a hall profile/ article for every hall in Loughborough. We’ve included the basics, what size the hall is, how big their committee is and more. However, more importantly, we’ve added in quotes, gathered from Hall Committee members, to help show you as freshers, what the hall really has to offer. Click here to see more Hall Profiles!

Royce Hall is situated in the heart of the student village. Sharing a dining hall with Faraday, Royce are catered 5 days a week, leaving you to eat as you please at the weekend. The hall has 375 rooms, making it a rather large hall, but no doubt this does not detract from the sociable, party- like atmosphere.

Royce Move In Night
Royce Move In Night

The reasonable sized common room hosts all sorts of events and pre- drinks, and are without doubt one of the noisiest halls on campus. This is my no means a bad thing though- as with a large catered all, you’re bound to make many friends, whether it be over breakfast, dinner or at a social.

“Royce Hall is by far the most sociable hall at Loughborough University. With it being a catered hall, it means everyone knows everyone you will never be stuck to find a friend; with events held mostly every week, you will some settle in and make loads of friends. By being in Royce hall you are set for the best year of your university life.” -Alex Brooks, Royce Hall Chair

With a 20 strong committee, Royce freshers is destined to be a well organised, busy couple of weeks. If you have any issues at all throughout the year, your warden team, led by Dr Mark King, are always on hand come day or night. With various room options, there’ll be something to suit your budget. Your room can stay as it is over the Christmas holidays, but will need to be emptied over Easter- but that does give you the opportunity to have that clear out you’d been planning for a while, as well as switching all of your clothes over for summer!

Having come 10th place in this years Hall of the Year and 7th in IMS, the hall shows promise and are of course always keen to boost their sociable, sporting and keen reputation across campus by moving up the leaderboards next year! Maybe you could be the one to help do that…?

Twitter: @lbororoycehall

Katie Wilson- Label Editor


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