Label introduce you to Loughborough’s Halls of Residence

Label have put together a hall profile/ article for every hall in Loughborough. We’ve included the basics, what size the hall is, how big their committee is and more. However, more importantly, we’ve added in quotes, gathered from Hall Committee members, to help show you as freshers, what the hall really has to offer. Click here to see more Hall Profiles!

Robert Bakewell, better known as Bakewell or Bobby Bakewell, is a self catered hall on campus with 400 residents. It’s run by a committee of 17 members from the hall, with the Hall Chair being the very enthusiastic Dane Karaman.

Bakewell French Night Credit Bakewell Hall Media
Bakewell French Night Credit Bakewell Hall Media

Tucked away in the student village, the legend Katryna Kalawsky is the hall warden. Trini is arguably the best warden on campus helping throw ‘the best finalist week’ and other events for the students throughout the year such as themed evenings, which is a chance for free food, wine, bingo, karaoke and more. The hall caters for freshers but also for a large amount of returners who stay in Bakewell another year, due to its sociable and lively atmosphere.

Hall Chair, Dane says:

“Bakewell is an amazing place to start off your Loughborough journey; you really become part of the family here!”

As soon as you arrive in Bakewell you’re welcomed by super keen people who are full of energy to make your Freshers fortnight two quality weeks to remember. However, the enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. With a very eager committee they’ll have everyone at the punch parties or on an action project, but this sense of inclusiveness and team spirit really makes Bakewell stand out.

Even though Bakewell placed very near the bottom at this year’s IMS awards, with Hall Chair preferring not to say the exact position, they definitely have the best supporters at their infamous Winetasting events! Coming a commendable 5th in this year’s Hall of the year Award and 2nd at the RAG awards, coming in just behind Bill Mo.

Bakewell Freshers Credit Bakewell Hall Media
Bakewell Freshers Credit Bakewell Hall Media

It might be known as the posh hall, but obviously not as posh as Elvyn, their ultimate rivals. Yet if you didn’t know, Bakewell has been the starting place for many of our Loughborough BNOC’s. Old Exec member Amy Ward, the ex VP Education, was Bakewell’s Hall Chair back in 2013. Charlii Leaper, one of our extremely passionate old Sport Secs who now has the title of ‘IMS Sportswoman’ of the year and ‘RAG Team Leader’ of the year. But apparently most popular of them all Ex- Hall Chairs Xan White and Hamza Modi.

The committee successfully throw a fantastic Bakewell Ball and Bakewell Day for the hall in the summer term, to end their year on a high.

Twitter: @Robert_Bakewell

Flic Carr- Bakewell resident

Photography courtesy of Bakewell Hall Media


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