Label introduce you to Loughborough’s Halls of Residence

Label have put together a hall profile/ article for every hall in Loughborough. We’ve included the basics, what size the hall is, how big their committee is and more. However, more importantly, we’ve added in quotes, gathered from Hall Committee members, to help show you as freshers, what the hall really has to offer. Click here to see more Hall Profiles!
Bill Mo Pre Sing Off Credit Bill Mo Media
Bill Mo Pre Sing Off

Hall Name: William Morris

Size of Hall: 478

Catering: Self-catered

Size of committee: 18

Warden: Julian Mackenzie


“Bill Mo is like nowhere else I’ve ever been before, I can’t imagine life without it now that I’ve lived here and this short year will be one I never forget.” -Dan Keeley, Treasurer


William Morris, or “Bill Mo” for short, has a great reputation around campus as a party hall with a great social life. Situated over the road from the union, many residents appreciate this short distance on a rainy night out!

Bill Mo Freshers Credit Bill Mo Media
Bill Mo Freshers

Bill Mo have been very successful in terms of hall rankings over the years and also compete with the best of them when comes to sports competitions, shown in their IMS result this year!

BNOC Alumni: Rosie Harvey was a resident of Bill Mo and was elected onto Exec as VP Action 15-16!

Hall of the Year Ranking: 4th

IMS Ranking: 2nd

Twitter: @BillMoHall

Jamie Hutton- News Editor

Photography courtesy of Bill Mo Hall Media


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