David Boyden

Wherever you go in Loughborough it is hard to avoid the strong association between the University and Sport. Not all sports clubs are as highly publicised as the football and rugby teams though. One such club is the Loughborough Students Taekwondo Club. Four members of the side recently returned successful from the Unified International Taekwondo Federation (UITF) World Championships.

Loughborough Students' Taekwondo Team
Loughborough Students’ Taekwondo Team: Jamie Lam, Miles Westwood, Graham Peacock and Natasha Hadlow.

Jamie Lam won Gold in the Men’s 2nd Dan Black Belt Patterns and Bronze in Men’s Black Belt Power. Also successful was Miles Westwood who won Gold in Men’s Black Belt Special Technique. Furthermore the club chair, Natasha Hadlow, returned with a Silver Medal in Ladies 2nd Dan Black Belt Patterns.

Both Jamie and Miles are members of the GTUK Men’s team, as is Loughborough’s Graham Peacock. The team did very well in the team events and due to the three Loughborough boys’ efforts, they took home Silver Medals in Team Sparring, Team Patterns, and Team Special Technique as well as a Bronze in Team Power. Natasha is a part of the GTUK Ladies Team, who were also very successful, as they finished the competition with a Gold Medal in Team Special Technique, Silver in Team Patterns, and Bronze Medals in Team Power and Team Sparring. These were just the achievements of the teams including Loughborough students, the GTUK as a whole won many more medals in an exceptional display.

On the topic of the competition Natasha Hadlow said:

“This is the biggest achievement of our club members for some time and there was a lot of tough competition. Everyone performed at their best and I am so proud of us all”.

Many across the University will be looking forward to further success from one of the most promising sports clubs on campus.


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