We went from big screen to TV this month with our competition based on people’s favourite TV shows.

I am very pleased to announced that Chris Sharples won the competition with his illustration of Breaking Bad. Chris’s competition entries have consistently been clear and clean in his own vector style. His Breaking Bad illustration captured the scene very successfully and the colours work well together to emphasis the characters, and of course, the fly!

Chris S

 Name: Chris Sharples

Course/ Year: Visual Communication: Illustration Part C

Favourite material/medium to work with: Adobe Illustrator

Idea for illustration: The idea behind the piece was inspired by the infamous episode “Fly”

Potential career choice: Freelance Illustrator:  https://www.facebook.com/c.k.sharplesillustration

Whenever I illustrate my aim is to make the outcomes humorous and readable. I achieve this by over exaggerating both the characters and environment to make it more personal. The work I produce is influenced by the illustrative language of 1950s Britain and America. My personal method of illustrating has developed as result of the aspiration to communicate simplistic messages without necessarily going into overly complicated designs.




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