Before BUCS Big Wednesday comes to Loughborough soil tomorrow, we have a look at how the teams have done within 2014/15 and how they have reached their finals.

BUCS Big Wednesday

Badminton Men & Women

Championship/Trophy Final

 Wednesday 25th March sees the biggest day in Loughborough Sport for 2015 and Loughborough Badminton are bringing four of their teams to the Trophy Tuesday/BIG Bucs Wednesday finals!

Men’s 1s won the Premier North Division this season, winning 9/10 matches and with 1 draw. The boys are facing Bath 1s this Wednesday 25th March at 13:00 in the Badminton Centre. There is no live streaming for this event but there shall be reporters on sight to provide you with a live twitter feed of the matches. Head on down to the Badminton Centre to show your support for the boys.

Men’s 2s also won their league this year in Division 1A, gaining them promotion for next year. The boys stormed all 10 games putting them 9 points ahead of runners up Birmingham University. They faced Glasgow 1s in the Trophy Cup Final today at 13:00 and narrowly missed out on the Gold, claiming Silver as they were relunctantly defeated 6 – 2. It was a tough game but you should be proud of the season you have had – congratulations on your BUCS League win and BUCS Trophy Silver!

Recognition should also be made to Men’s 3s who were a new team to the 2015 season, winning their Midlands 4A Division and also the Midlands Conference Cup against Oxford Brookes, what an outstanding season for the boys!

Women’s 1s won the Premier North Division this season by points difference and are also in the Championship Cup final against University of Leeds at 13:00 Wednesday 25th March! Good luck girls.

Women’s 2s won the Midlands 1A division this season with a comfortable 8 point lead ahead of Warwick 1s. The girls faced Bath 2s in the final of the Trophy Cup today at 13:00 of which produced some incredible play from the Loughborough Ladies of whom stormed the final with a clear 8-0 win – well done on winning BUCS Gold!

Loughborough Badminton has had a remarkable year and we hope that they bring home the Gold medals they deserve.

 Women’s Basketball

Championship Final vs. Northumbria University

 This year Loughborough Women’s Basketball 1s have had an incredible season, coming a very close second place in the Premier North Division. The Loughborough Ladies are facing Northumbria University this Wednesday on home ground at 17:00 in the Sir David Wallace Sports Hall. The game will be live streamed online at so if you can’t make the game, take a watch online!

All of us at LSU Media Sport wish you the best of luck!

Men’s Table Tennis 1s

Trophy Final

Loughborough’s Table Tennis Men’s 1s won their division in Midlands 1A this season, finishing comfortably ahead of Nottingham 2s.  They faced UCL 1s today at 13:00, after a long and gruelling battle against the London opposition the Loughborough boys pulled on through winning with a convincing 9-5 win, claiming the first Gold for Loughborough’s Trophy Tuesday – well done boys! However they still have their ‘play off’s which begin in April after the must awaited Easter break – good luck to you boys!

Ladies Lacrosse 1s

Championship Final

After the outstanding win the Lacrosse Ladies achieved this Sunday against MIT I’m sure that they are going into Wednesday’s final with greater confidence as they face Durham 1s, the winners of their division. Coming second in the Premier Division this season, Loughborough’s Lacrosse Ladies have had an incredible year that they hope to end with a Gold Medal around their necks. The game will be played on the EHB Pitch at 15:00 tomorrow, head on down to support the girls, good luck tomorrow!

 Hockey Mens and Women’s 1s

Championship Finals

The Loughborough boys have had a tough year in the Premier Division, coming third within their league behind Sheffield Hallam and Durham University, however the boys have stormed the Championship Cup, reaching the final of which will be played tomorrow against Nottingham at 18:00 at Waterbase Pitch, all are welcome to attend – the bigger the crowd the better!

Our Loughborough hockey girls have had yet another amazing year, coming second in the Premier Division they have fought well as they have won 6/10 of their BUCS League matches. The strong Loughborough 1s side face Birmingham 1s in the Championship Final tomorrow afternoon at 15:00 on the Waterbase pitch situated behind the High Performance Centre. If you are unable to attend the game then it will be streamed live online for all to watch on Good luck girls!

From us all here at LSU Media Sport we wish all teams the best of luck tomorrow.

Remember to keep us updated on your results as they come in and tweet us with a #BUCSBigWednesday @LSUMediaSport

If you’re not playing, head on down to watch some sport, whether it’s your club, another, or a sport you have never watched before make sure that you get involved within a once in a lifetime opportunity of your University hosting the biggest day of University Sport.

By Imogen Harry

Label Sports Editor






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