The last couple weeks in the bubble have been absolutely manic, with candidates running from door to door, going on a string of nights out that has put freshers to shame, and spamming our Facebook feeds to no end about how they truly are the best person for the role, regardless if they’ve got into altercations on nights out or faced heat from certain critics against the idea of running two years in a row.

Irrespective of all these debates surrounding the elections, about candidates dropping out last minute or facing campaigning bans on all forms of social media, the real debate is – does anyone actually care?

The elections, and especially this ten day dash of campaigning, come across as an inflating session for the egos of the candidates whom are running (some of which are too damn big already), as the people whom get elected are those whom are the most popular or “bnoccy” on campus, irrespective of whether they truly are the best for the role they’ve applied for.

If the candidates truly believed they were the best for the role they’ve applied for, then surely a process of interviews with the past exec team as well as the university’s plethora of higher ups would be a more suitable way of electing new VPs, instead of this farcical campaigning crap we’ve all unfortunately got to endure for now.


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