February 25th saw Loughborough University Students’ Badminton continue their success with both the Women’s and the Men’s 1st teams winning in their BUCS quarterfinals.

 Loughborough University Women’s 1s, who are currently top of the Badminton BUCS Premier North table, took on University College London Women’s 1s on their home court in the Badminton Centre in the BUCS quarterfinals. At stake was a place in the semi-finals and the chance to go all the way to the finals that take place in Loughborough during BUCS Big Wednesday. It was a fast paced match and the two teams battled it out, each desperate to win a place in the semis. However, Loughborough outshone UCL and beat them 7-1.

Ecstatic about their win, the team tweeted their joy on their Twitter account, Lboro Badders @LUSBC:
‘Women’s 1 beat UCL 7-1 and women’s 2s beat Newcastle 8-0! Both teams into the semi finals! ‪#winningwednesday ‪#RoadToLboro‘.

Loughborough University Men’s 1s later in the afternoon took on Cardiff University Men’s 1s also in the BUCS quarter finals to secure a place in the semis. Loughborough Men’s, who are also top of the BUCS Premier North table, appeared incredibly strong and from the offset looked to be sailing straight into the semi-finals. They didn’t disappoint and thrashed Cardiff to win all their games making the match score 8-0. They guaranteed their well-deserved place in the semis and can hopefully go all the way to the final.

Loughborough Men’s 1s celebrated their victory on their Twitter account, Lboro Badders @LUSBC, with:
‘Men’s 1st win 8-0 vs Cardiff! If men’s 2s beat Exeter tonight (5pm at BC) we will have all 5 teams in the semis!! ‪#RoadToLboro‘.

With superb victories, both Badminton 1s teams continue on the road to Loughborough for Big BUCS Wednesday.

Emma Lawton


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