Lucy: what was like for Dan, Rob and Stef last year running for Exec?

Rob: it’s nice to not have to wear fancy dress!

Vnisha: what do you plan to do after exec?

Stefan: I’m privileged having created networks in VP Sport.

Dan: I have met a lot of people that can give you access to industries that you might want to go into.

Rob: It’s hard to find time to actually apply for jobs!

Lucy: Who performed well this evening?

Rob: finance and sport stood out for me!

Vnisha: talking about the RON campaign- would you run again/ how do you feel?

Dan: it’s ok, it’s in the constitution so there’s nothing stopping Bryn. I thought it was better to allow someone else to run- but there’s nothing wrong with running for a second time.

Rob: I’ve had a fantastic time at Loughborough- there’s a lot of time and effort put into the role. If someone does run twice, they have a grip on the role already and a big possibility to develop a section.

Stefan: I think it is completely legit for 2 years, maybe not any longer.

New Panel- Hamza Modi, Axelle Savary, Sarah Haar, George Hones.

George: I am glad to have been able to put candidates on the spot by being on the panel.

Sarah: I didn’t want to pick on people specifically so it has been quite a challenge.

Axelle: I have been pleasantly surprised by the societies candidates. Some people knew their ideas more than others.

George: I felt that the college candidate seemed weak but I believe that Jenna Holmes and Luke Thomson came across well.

Hamza: notifications on Facebook are a big thing- but social media is informative.

Sarah: The Elections and the debate are always competitive- true Loughborough spirit.

Particular commendations go out to the panel this evening who asked some pressing questions and were prepared to ask what’s on everyone’s lips! Our hosts for both the Bubble Debate, the alternative commentary and Bubble Debate Extra all did a fantastic job alongside all of the teams behind the scenes- allowing you to watch or listen from the comfort of your home home via LSUTV or LCR.


Katie Wilson


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