(live up-dated post)

  • The Piazza is quickly filling up as candidates campaign teams are coming along to support their friends.
  • Lucy Moy has introduced the night, courtesy of LCR.
  • Dave Edwards, who campaigned last year to be on Exec in the Rag position is sharing his experience of what the next ten days will entail for the candidates, and discusses life after Exec.
  • The next week and a half promises to be an incredibly exciting time for all involved, especially judging by how much buzz and excitement is currently in the Piazza right now.
  • For those candidates who are waiting to reveal themselves, and start their campaigning process, it must be reassuring to be hearing from those who have run for Exec positions in the past, and hear how it has been described as the “best week of my life” from Becky Lauder-Fletcher, who was VP Education two years.
  • The Label Team is here tonight in order to keep you informed and updated about tonight’s events. Check our twitter @labelonline, where tweets are being brought to you by Richard Musgrave, Style Editor. Katie Wilson, Features Editor and News Team Leader is in charge of the Label Online Facebook, and Leanna Kightley, Culture Editor is sourcing information in order to write her write-up of tonight, that will be published tomorrow.
  • Five minutes to go until the candidates are revealed to the crowd in the Piazza, and on the live stream on http://media.lsu.co.uk/.
  • Tonight will be the poster dash where candidates and their teams will run around campus and place their posters all over halls, in order to give themselves as much exposure as possible. Each candidate has been given a £10 printing allowance, and we will soon be able to see who has been the most creative in their poster designs.
  • Running twenty minutes behind schedule, but this only means that excitement is building within the Piazza. LCR are supplying the spectators with quality tunes!
  • Vnisha and Dave have taken their places on the balcony, making us think  that the reveal will start soon…
  • Lens, LSUTV and Lens have all taken their places in the very, very busy Piazza.
  • Culture Editor and Features Team Leader, Courtney Ricketts, has taken an educated guess, stating that there are at least 200 people in the Piazza right now.
  • The current Exec have taken to the Piazza balcony. We are half and hour behind schedule, but it looks like we are about to find out who are next Election candidates are!!
  • Your societies candidates are Alex Williams, Jenna Holmes and Leoni Seville. All receiving massive cheers.
  • Welfare and Diversity: Gemma Lomas and Steph Noble.
  • VP Media: Bryn Wilkes
  • VP Rag: Andy Tribe, Racheal Lynch, Robyn Varley
  • VP Action: Rosie Harvey
  • VP Sport: Lauren Gough, Tom Haslam, Luke Thompson, Tom Hickson
  • VP College: Elisei Ghiorghita
  • VP Finance and Commercial Services: Charlie Staunton and James Bowker
  • VP Education: Kailey Hazeldine
  • VP Communication and Affairs: Max Crawford
  • Union President: Ed Reckless and Adam Sellers
  • The poster dash has BEGUN!!!
  • Candidates are not allowed to use social media until nine o’clock tonight “so the poster dash is more important than ever” say current VP Communications and Affairs, Liam Peoples.
  • Suddenly campaign t-shirts are being seen all around the Piazza, with teams getting ready for the poster dash (in the rain)

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