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With Exec Elections and a General Election just around the corner, Label explore what really is more important to students in Loughborough… 


Within the microcosm of the Bubble the Exec Elections are hugely important. The atmosphere is electric with campaigning, and we can’t help having an opinion on some of those more controversial candidates’ ideas (wearing pants on your head to STuesday, anyone?) But should this really be more important to us than the General Election?

For the next year we’ll be subject to the whims of the elected Exec. However, the result of the General Election will send repercussions through the nation for the next four years; long after we have left this campus and moved on to pastures new, as sad as that prospect may seem.

I received mixed reactions from other students. I was slightly taken aback by one who exclaimed, “I couldn’t care less about the Exec Elections”, with quite some disdain. Contrarily, another student took a less biased view on the subject, stating “they are both important to me but the Exec Election is more short term… I am only here for another year so the General Election seems more important”. This is a good point.

By all means, pay attention to the campaigns of Exec nominees, and vote, it is your university experience they shall be affecting! But also take the time to vote in the General Election, which will impact on future students at our university. The government controls tuition fees and maintenance loans, to name but a couple of their relevant powers.

When considering whether to vote in either election, think how the outcome will affect YOU. It is vital that you feel you can get your voice heard on campus via the Exec of your choice this year, but it is equally vital that your choice of political party reflect your views in Parliament for years to come. Your right to vote is free; use it!

Leanna Kightley


The Exec Elections cause much hype for us Loughborough Students. A couple of weeks of wild nights out, free sweets, flashmobs as well as shoutouts in lectures, leave us all with the Elections buzz. Excitement mounts as we consider who to vote for and await the somewhat manic Hey Ewe results night.

Exec Elections are exactly what is affecting us at the moment. Whether you’re involved in the media coverage or on a campaign team, or simply trying to avoid yet more cakes as you walk to that 9am that you’re running late for, you will be affected by Exec Elections. As students, many of us tend to live in the here and now. Our University experience is something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. If you’re one of many Loughborough keenos then the Exec Elections will probably be consistently on your mind for a while; after all, who is VP of your favourite section will impact upon you for the whole year. Your university experience isn’t just about your degree and so our Exec are part of offering the union side of the package.

I am not disputing that the General Elections are massively important to us all. However, when considering what people are talking about inside the bubble, Exec Elections are much more pertinent right now than the General Election is. Many students fail to engage with Politics on a national level, and we do need to. When you leave Loughborough, the likelihood is that the same party will still be in power who we vote for in May. Perhaps the General Election hype will increase nearer the time, but for now LSU is what is on many of our minds. If that’s the case though, be sure to register for the General Elections if you haven’t already, don’t get too caught up in university life, there is (surprisingly) more out there!

Katie Wilson 

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