By Alex Keily

Doing a degree is hard and we all need a bit of relief from time to time. Whether this is a mid week stint at Hey Ewe, or a messy Echos Saturday, we all are familiar with those 4 am pangs of hunger that can only be satisfied with greasy, carb-filled deliciousness.

Loughborough students, here is a run down of some of the top drunk food locations for every night of the week.

  • Stupid Tuesday/Hey Ewe/FND

Papa Si’s, outside the Union

A night out at the union would not be complete without a burger, nuggets or the infamous cheesy chips from the one and only Papa Si – the perfect accompaniment on that winter walk home. Those in halls can make a second pit stop in the Village too.

  • Monday House Parties @ Mansion

McDonald’s, Market Place

An obvious choice, perhaps, but a student favourite nonetheless. 99p chips, 99p cheeseburger, 99p mayo chicken – at this price, it’s a no brainer. If you need more convincing, this is the only place where you will get tasty fries as opposed to chunks of cardboard.

  •  XO Thursday @ Revolution

 Maxin Chicken & Pizza, Baxter Gate

Of course you could just go to McDonald’s again (we won’t judge you, promise), but if you fancy mixing it up a bit, head here. When KFC is closed and Maccy D’s isn’t making the cut, you can happily indulge in copious amounts of fried chicken and wake up feeling fresh.

  • Saturdays @ Echos

Echos Burger Van, Biggin Street

Referred to by many as simply, ‘the burger van outside Echos’, this delightful little place presents a modest selection of hangover-curing food with a bit of Midlands charm (‘cobs’). You will need to be very strong-minded to resist the mouth-watering smell that will hit you as soon as you leave.

  • Wild Sundays @ Firefly

Mario’s Pizza, Swan Street

Buy-one-get-one-free pizzas. Need I say more?

OK, well it’s also next door to Firefly. Because who wants to walk more than two metres for food when drunk? No one.

So never fear, your drunken bellies will never have to go hungry again during your time at Loughborough.


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