fancy dress (source= wikipedia)

By Kate Bradley

A regular night out at the union can produce many weird and wonderful sights…in reference to fancy dress: of course! However, why does it seem like we now enjoy fancy dress more than we did when we were children? Despite being legally ‘adults’, living away from home and studying for a degree, we still find the nostalgic draw of fancy dress a force to reckon with. So is that the biggest appeal? Knowing we have the real world just around the corner, we decide to embrace the face paint and let our creative juices flow.

As children we were restricted to princesses, pirates or power rangers, the definite pink and blue divide, but as adults we now have the freedom to dress up in onesies, plastic bags or pillow cases and can call in fancy dress. The creative aspect to adult fancy dress has to be something we especially enjoy. Whilst professional costumes are bound to impress- a creative and original costume is too good an opportunity to miss. Keeping it on the cheap, cutting and colouring t-shirts with marker pen can guarantee some of the best costumes: created from bin bags, card board boxes and tin foil. DIY costumes are also a great talking point: for example it’s easy to converse with a Smurf because it’s pretty clear what the conversation starter will be. Fancy dress can transport us from our childhood to present day as it’s simply light-hearted fun. So embrace any opportunity you get or can create to dress up. Besides, you’re more likely to remember the night at university when you went dressed up as a banana over a regular night at Echos.

The real world is looming so enjoy our top five fancy dress themes: Superheroes, Animals, Where’s Wally, Clowns, Countries of the World! Enjoy!


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