Lauren Leftley was the winner of Label’s fifth monthly Illustration Competition, run by the Illustration section of Label magazine. Each month sees a different theme, which artists must base a piece of artwork around. Entries are then displayed online and are voted for by other students. To kick off 2014 the theme was ‘Your playlist to 2014’ where illustrators created artwork based on their favourite music artist or band.

Read below to find out more about the winning artist:

Name: Lauren Leftley

Course: English

Favorite material/medium to work with: Watercolour and colour pencil

Idea for ‘Your playlist of 2014’ piece: Inspired from a portrait of Florence and the Machine. Began by drawing the most symbolic aspect of the artist, her hair, and then developed imagery within this. The colour choice came about through trial and error whilst editing, I thought the blue and red complimented the imagery well and made the piece have a greater visual impact on the viewer.

Potential career choice: A role within advertising

Link to social media:

A note from Lauren: The topic areas that I explore within my work are always varied. Once I'm inspired and I have an idea, I find it difficult to stop working until the piece has been completed! Drawing and painting is what I do in my free time and by completing pieces for Label I have been lucky enough to keep up my skills within the practice as well as further develop them.


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