Ashley Crane, an Illustration and Visual Communication graduate from Loughborough University will compete at the Miss Every Model 2014 final, on 11 April 2014, for a place in Miss England. Described as “beauty with a purpose”, the Miss Every Model competition looks for individuals who are not only photogenic with modelling potential but also talented, sporty and charitable.

The former 1st XV Loughborough rugby team player sustained a shoulder injury which left her unable to play rugby. Ashley told Label that this experience was “truly heart-breaking, but I am too motivated to give up all together, hence taking part and competing in a new way”. She therefore needed to rethink her desired future prospects, after her dream of playing rugby was no longer attainable.

She currently teaches Art and Graphic Communication at a school in Leatherhead, whilst keeping her sporting spirit alive through coaching hockey, netball, and athletics. Ashley attended the Miss England 2013 Final and was inspired from that moment on. Arguing strongly against the stereotypical view of beauty pageants, Ashley emphasises the need for creativity and individuality as well as needing to be physically and socially in tune for this type of performance activity. She realised that she could adapt the skills and training used for her rugby, to fit the required preparation for these types of events.

She therefore sees the upcoming pageant in the same way she sees sport. It requires hard work, commitment and a belief in yourself and the people around you. “It was the energy and excitement which made me realise no matter what you are at this moment in time, it is what you want to be that is important”.

Ashley is looking to Loughborough students for support for her upcoming campaign. The process involves public voting, fundraising and finally a beauty contest to finish, with the aim to “depict the ultimate woman”.

To help Ashley, like her photograph here and her page on Facebook.

Ella Stanbrook


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