I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent reports scrutinising the behaviour of Loughborough students and the locals’ up-in-arms over the drunken displays they have witnessed frequently.  Unfortunately, we all know the consequences that certain beverages have on our vocal ranges and whilst it is unfair to the neighbours of the university, it is also unfair to assume that this is an occurrence restricted to Loughborough only.  Naturally as we are campus based it is likely for us to be based in the residential areas mixed in with the community, the size of Loughborough also permits this.  We do not get the perks that come with city living and therefore have to deal with the consequences that some neighbours will be angered at the behaviours witnessed all over the country. Furthermore, can this account for every student in Loughborough?

As the prospect of finding a job in our chosen disciplines isn’t bad enough, the growing media perception of students seems to be rapidly sliding downhill, causing potentially even bigger pitfalls in the aftermath of graduation.  With the rise of social media and our student lives imprinted on the sphere that is the internet, it is easier for our every move to be scrutinised and harshly judged.

 I once read an article detailing how an average student spends 40 hours a week drinking and hundreds of pounds worth of alcohol in a single month and I had to wonder where exactly they were pulling these “facts” from.  Clearly they don’t realise how important sleep and food are.  It was comical to note that half the reader comments were in protest on what state the country would fall into when this class of students are at the helm.  It is even funnier when you consider that the majority of these judgemental fellows would have got up to the exact things that we are, there just wasn’t evidence of it splashed across every newsfeed on the planet back in their day. 

It is clear that what is forgotten is the age range of the majority of students.  This is one of the last periods of our lives where we aren’t restrained with responsibilities; what is the point in missing out on night out with friends just so you can spend every waking hour studying.  Prospective employers don’t want that anyway.  It’ll all seem like a distant memory when you’re stuck in work nine till five and all you’ll have to cherish is that time your friend fell off the table.  You’ll never be able to attend a full day of work after a late one again.  Instead of judging us on the amount we go out, the media should instead be congratulating us that we managed to make a homemade R2-D2 costume for under a fiver.  That is a life skill that will always be valuable.

Becky Healey


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