Dressing for the library sounds easy doesn’t it? Surely comfort is the top priority, after all you are simply getting up, getting dressed and walking to Pilkington to revise and begin that dreaded dissertation. Or is this the case?

The rise of ‘Loughborough Spotted’ has drawn further attention to the appearance of those who frequent the library. There are regular posts which rely on the physical appearance of people to poke fun or even to compliment the best dressed, most attractive and the most embarrassing students. Whether this is something you agree or disagree with, it seems that ‘Spotted’ is always watching and waiting to judge you on face value.

The Library has become one of the most sociable places to congregate around exam period, and for many third years it has become one of the main social hang outs for the year. Everyone goes to Pilkington Library these days! As a result this surely influences what we wear when we get up and head across campus. Everyone loves people watching, and the library is one of the best places in Loughborough to do so, no matter how much we deny it! It seems to no longer be acceptable to curl up in a little study booth in your trackies and a hoodie, unless they’re designer of course, and it is nearly impossible to dash down to the silent area without seeing a large number of familiar faces. So what do you wear to the library? Do you chose practicality over appearance, or are you conscious of what others are going to think of your study attire?

The library hosts a range of dress senses, you have the students who have pre-planned their outfits the night before, who head to the library looking immaculate, and then you have the other end of the scale, those who are frantically cramming the night before an exam, surrounded by Red Bull cans and slouched in oversized hoodies and trackies. Pilkington’s has seen it all, and I only suspect that it will carry on! So the real question is… what should we wear to the library?

Caroline Chapman


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