Marketing is absolutely key to LSUTV promoting not only the work done by the station but also to bring new volunteers to the station, collectively helping LSUTVs��� presence grow across campus. Throughout the year we have explored several different ways in which we can market ourselves to students at Loughborough University.

Our presence during freshers week is the first way in which we promote ourselves. Firstly, by producing video output relevant to every new student at the university, we are engaging them instantly upon arrival at Loughborough. Secondly, during the freshers period, all volunteers who go out filming across campus wear LSUTV freshers t- shirts which also have a link to our website on them, giving more exposure to our website and ensuring that everybody who is filmed knows instantly where to find that footage.

We also hold an annual ���Make your mark��� event, which is ultimately a cross platforming media taster session. LSUTV takes over the ground floor of the union building and sets up presenting workshops, technical demonstrations and live broadcasts to show what we do. We work with halls of residence to encourage students to come down to try out all that LSUTV has to offer. This is a highly successful event, which saw the number of volunteers that we had at that point in the year double after the event. By splitting the event up into individual sections such as production, marketing, sound engineering etc, we were able to reach a larger target audience.

We have a very close relationship with the Students��� Union, who publishes our videos on the television screens around the building. This provides us with exposure to students, University staff, Union staff and the public who also use the building. They are also played during the night time, and with 2000 to 3000 students on average attending nights out at the union, it���s a hugely effective way to market our output.

Over the summer of 2013, Loughborough Students��� Union went through a rebrand process, which had a big implication on LSUTV���s marketing. It allowed us to work alongside the rebrand to create a more fluent approach to marketing. Having one logo and brand that is applied to all work that LSUTV produces has increased the effectiveness of our marketing significantly as it has meant that our output is easily recognisable.

We also use several of our events as marketing tools. For example, this year we held an alumni weekend, where 16 of our LSU Media alumni who are now working in the industry returned to Loughborough for the weekend to offer talks, workshops and advice to our LSUTV members. We filmed the event and several of the talks, to be released by LSUTV to showcase the talent that we have produced and inspire our volunteers and potential volunteers to pursue a career in the industry after their time here.


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