FnD at the union, crowned as the biggest night out of the week. If ever you can’t persuade a friend to come down to Stupid Tuesday or Hey Ewe chances are they will be present on the Friday. For many, a big part of the FnD charm has to be the celebrity appearance. Over semester one at Loughborough the union played host to Tinie Tempah (an unexpected visit),  Towie’s Dan Osbourne, Verne Troyer , Miss Dynamite and Professor Green to name a few. This semester has only just begun and the Union has already welcomed X-Factor’s Rough Copy, Made in Chelsea’s Ollie Locke, and Celebrity Big Brother’s Casey through its’ doors.

However I do wonder just how flimsy the idea of the celebrity appearances has become. As a barmaid at the union you get the first hand view from the bar. In the make shift V.I.P lounge the celebrity might stay to take pictures for the best part of 10 minutes or do meet and greets until the music stops. If some of the names at the union are anything to go by, more times than none a celebrity appearance is code for a socialite passing by. After all Made in Chelsea is a “scripted reality” and so in theory you are paying to see someone just like you, neither actress nor singer, the sole difference is that some of their life is scripted and filmed for added effect.

Of course the celebrity appearance has its’ perks. We all love a humble brag; so even as an Erasmus student who’s never watched an Episode of Towie taking a picture with a very handsome Dan Osbourne is a positive. The same goes for getting a signed autograph, a hug, or a chance to gossip about the celebs love life and recent ventures. With that said celebrities at the union are an added extra to a night out and I for one wouldn’t have seen half the DJ’s, singers and socialites I have if not for LSU Nights.

Lola Mosanya


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