Name: Bryn Wilkes

Hall: Cayley

Course: Sport and Exercise Science

Running For: Head of Media

‘Bryn Wilkes’ is far from an unknown name in the Media Centre. Having dabbled in LSUTV, LCR and Label in his three years as a media member, including holding positions on the LCR and Label Committees, lack of experience will certainly not be a problem during his campaign. Bryn wants to continue giving section heads a level of freedom (within reason), something that he praised current Head of Media Helen Crossley for doing effectively. In addition, he aims to further develop cross-platforming, for example through establishing photography as its own section within Media. While you may not be able to catch him out with his extensive knowledge of media, if you spot him around campus challenge him to name the 50 states of America in under 5 minutes, he told us he could do it, so make sure you test him!  

1.       Why are you running for this position?

Basically, the biggest thing is literally my love of media. I’ve been involved throughout my three years, not very much first year, more my second year and absolutely loads this year, and I think this year has made me really realise how much I like all the different sides of it. I just think it’d be a job I’d really enjoy, and a job I’d be good at, as well.

2.       What makes you more suited than other candidates?

Probably my versatility, because I am a committee member of Label and LCR and I’ve done a lot of TV, I’m not a committee member but I have done a lot and I’m probably a lot more experienced than some of the other volunteers. The sections of media I’m not so involved with are Loop and hall media, I’ve spoken to the heads of both recently, and spoken to them about what I need to improve with their sections. So I think, yeah, my all round game is what makes me stand out.

3.       Tell us a bit about your campaign theme.

It hasn’t been that much of a secret because I’ve been growing this thing on my face. It’s going to be Bryn Burgundy, so The Anchorman theme, got the red suit and been growing the moustache for over a month now, growing my hair out as well, which got ruined by the wind on the way down which is a bit annoying. Yeah, it’s Bryn Burgundy, which links quite nicely to media.

4.       What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

It’s difficult to say, I’ve got three main points in my manifesto and it was kind of hard to narrow it down the three because there is quite a lot I wanted to say. Probably the thing that I hold closest is the cross platform aspect of it. Cross platform is something that all heads of media talk about, and they all implement it to a certain degree. But I probably want to take it one step further and I’ve already started doing that by starting to work on LSMedia Sport, which we wanted to kind of become its own mini site on the media website, that hasn’t happened yet but there is still plenty of time for that to happen. And I’ve already started organising projects which would bring the sections together, so that would be something I’d like to encourage later on, with things other than sport as well.

5.       In one sentence, why should people vote for you?

In one sentence… if I was to quote the end of my manifesto: ‘you should vote for me for a united LSU Media’.


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