Exec Candidate Phil Jenkins: All You Need to Know


Name: Phil Jenkins

Hall: Harry French

Course: Sports Science

Running For: Action Chair


Another candidate with a wealth of experience, Phil Jenkins is no doubt a serious candidate for the role. As former Hall Chair of Harry French as well as being on Action Committee, Jenkins has the experience to suit the role. He aims to bring in more larger scale projects, recognising the positive impact that these have on the wider community.  Read his responses to our questions below;



1.      Why are you running for this position?


I’m running because like a lot of people I guess when they came to uni they struggled to find where they fitted in, what their position was and who their social groups were and for me I started doing Action and started volunteering  and then I became a rep after that is sort of where I found myself at university whereas previously I had always done a lot of sport and did a bit of everything really. But at university I just fell into Action, really enjoyed it and now I want to give something back. I’ve really enjoyed it, the whole atmosphere and everything they do and I want to make a few changes and try to make things better.


2.      What makes you more suited than other candidates?


I think me experiences that I have had already have given me a good background of skills to carry out the role. The organisational side, the man management of teams and that sort of stuff. I feel as though I know the section quite well, I’m sure there’s lots of stuff I don’t know and stuff that I’ll learn eventually. But I’m a pretty quick learner and will get round that pretty quickly.


3.      Tell us a bit about your campaign theme


My theme is Phil I Am – #BRINGTHEACTION I originally got the idea from the candidate who ran for action rep in Harry French in November. He said that in his speech, he wasn’t using it as his theme, but he said ‘Bring the action’ in his speech and I thought ok. Obviously Will.I.Am is everywhere, everyone knows him and is very recognisable and that’s the reason why really.


4.      What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?


Well the most important one to me is the integration of action project leaders and the hall reps more because at the minute they don’t really know each other and each others names.  But then the reps are recruiting people, especially at the start of the year, they’re recruiting volunteers to do these projects and they don’t know enough about the projects to recruit well, and the right people. I want them to get to know each other more so they can recruit better and the right people that will keep volunteering throughout the year.


5.      In one sentence, why should people vote for you?


People should vote for me because I’ve got all the experience, knowledge, leadership and passion that you need for a role like this. 


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