Name: Martha Riggs

Hall: William Morris

Course: Geography and Sports Science

Running For: Athletic Union President

Martha Riggs’ campaign theme has brought a smile to many Loughborough students. It’s not every day you see a tigger walking round campus! Riggs has been dedicated throughout campaigning, consistently updating everyone on where she can be found on campus. She believes that it is her ability to connect to others as well as her organisation skills which will aid her in the role of AU President. Her emphasis was on expanding the AU out to as many students as possible and increasing the Loughborough student experience. In one sentence she described the role of AU President as representing the 54 AU clubs that are part of the university. Here is what she told us in her interview for Label.

1.                   Why have you decided to run for Athletic Union President?

I’ve loved being involved with sport across my whole three years at Loughborough and I’d just love to give that same experience to the next lot of students, and the current students, just to ensure that they get the great experience that I have been given through sport. Obviously Loughborough has such a prestigious name for sport and I just want to ensure that that continues and to make sure that everybody in the university gets the same opportunity to be involved in that. I want everyone to know they can be part of Loughborough sport and the excellence that it is and to ensure that everybody gets the great experience that I’ve had, so that we can get the most potential out of each individual.

2.       Why do you think you’re the best suited candidate?

I think I’m a very approachable person, I feel like people would want to come and talk to me and be happy and comfortable to do so. I feel that I’d be able to give them what they’re wanting and have their needs at the heart of everything that I do. I’m also very organised and I thrive on being busy as well, so having a busy schedule, obviously as the athletic union president is a very hectic role, I feel will make me work best. I feel like I will organise everything and I think that’s the key to everything as well: making sure everything is organised and keeping on top of everything, whilst also communicating with people. That whole thing in underpinned by building relationships and working well with lots of different people within the Athletic union.

3.       Tell us about your campaign theme…

My campaign theme is Martha ‘Tigger’ Riggs. I just wanted something to reflect me; something bright, something bouncy. Everyone always says that I bounce around everywhere, so I just wanted something a bit fun, and something recognisable. Obviously my name is Riggs so ‘Tigger’ Riggs, I thought that would work!

4.       What is the most important aspect of your Manifesto?

That’s so difficult! Every point of it is important, but I think the main one, the one which underpins it all is inclusivity. I want to ensure that everybody within the university gets the opportunity to be part of the Loughborough experience and to have a life changing opportunity through sport. Also to make sure that everybody is encouraged to get involved at every level of sport and knows that there’s something for them in the athletic union. Also the links that the AU have with the rest of Loughborough University, ensuring that we keep those athletes within sport and don’t freeze them out. Basically encouraging everyone to get involved.

5.       In one sentence, why should people vote for you?

I should be your next athletic union president because I’m passionate and dedicated to Loughborough Sport and I love organising, developing and engaging others within sport.


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