Name: Liam Peoples       

Hall: William Morris

Course: English

Running for: VP Democracy and Communications

Liam Peoples is perhaps best known for his time spent as Bill-Mo’s Vice Chair; however, he doesn’t want this to be his only Loughborough legacy and is now turning his attention to the role of VP Democracy and Communications, with a hope to continue the good work that both Chrisp and Cole have set in place.  His discussion of several campaigns shows that Peoples is ready to hit the ground running and is not only passionate about the role of VP Democracy and Communications, but also is knowledgeable and undoubtedly has the right skill set to see the role through.  The Speech Bubble, the University’s spoken word night event run by Peoples is evidence of his creativity and involvement within University life. So, be on the look out over the next few days for Peoples as his campaign is sure to pack a punch!

1.      Why are you running for this position?

Because I feel that there is stuff that I can add to it and I can make it progress as a role and because I would like to give something back to Loughborough.

2.      What makes you more suited for this role than other candidates?

I’ve been involved with quite a few committees and things and particularly with the community committee, we’ve been looking at improving communication in general with the approximately eight and a half thousand students that live in town as well as the ones that are obviously on campus.  So, for the communication side of it anyway I’ve spent about a year doing that and trying to figure out the best possible way.  I’ll try and avoid the cliché of saying I’m passionate for it, but I’m really fully prepared to give it everything. 

3.      Tell us a bit about your campaign theme?

My campaign theme is the People’s Champ, because obviously it works with my second name, that’s pretty much the reason why we chose it.  I also used it when I ran for vice-chair of Bill-Mo and it was just a really fun theme to do.  I’m not a massive wrestling fan but it’s just a good excuse.

4.      What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

The advertising of what the Union can do for students as well as just being a venue, because obviously when people think of the Union they mostly think of it as just a good night out.  There’s so much more that the Union can offer for each and every student and I want to run a campaign called Your Union – which is basically going to have regular advertising of the various and massive diversity of what you can do through the Student Union.  So that would be my most important one because I believe that a lot of students could get involved still.

5.      In one sentence why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I think that at the end of the day a lot of people running for various positions don’t actually have the knowledge to, but I genuinely feel that I am good for this role and that it is a role that I can do, and do well.


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