One would normally associate guacamole with an overindulgent film night filled with nachos and fajitas. However, when the guacamole is homemade, it can provide a refreshing midday snack.

All that is required is a trip to the local fruit and vegetable shop or market to collect your fresh ingredients.

To make the guacamole:

1.      Take your avocado and cut a vertical line all the way around (you should be able to feel the pit in the middle at the end of your knife). Then simply twist the avocado in opposite directions and it should open. Half an avocado is enough to serve one person, so you may wrap the other half in cling film and store in the fridge- be sure to use it the following day in a pasta or salad, before it goes off.

2.      Remove the pit and scoop the inside of the avocado into a bowl and mash. If you have a food processor then this is even better. Be sure to add juice of half a lime to ensure that the guacamole does not stick to the side. It will give it a nice ‘dipping’ consistency.

3.      To this add half-to a whole big tomato finely chopped and half an onion also finely chopped. Also add a sprinkling of salt, a small handful of finely chopped coriander and a chilli if you wish.

4.      Mix together with a spoon or in a food processor and serve in the middle of a plate. Then all that is left to do is to add your vegetables around the side.

Carrots, celery or cucumber chopped up in to sticks are great for dipping and are a healthy alternative to tortilla crisps.

Emma Spencer


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