With exams taking their usual venue, the basketball team was forced to move to the Netball Centre to play Nottingham Trent 1sts, but the change of scenery did not phase Loughborough Men’s 2nds. Liz Tyler was there for Label Sport.

They came out all guns blazing in the first quarter, with an amazing three-pointer first score. Loughborough kept the tempo high and even though NTU made Loughborough’s mistakes pay, the hosts came out of the first quarter on top, leading 24-13.

The second quarter came and Notts Trent looked more as if they might make an attack but couldn’t seem to capitalise on their time with the ball, with most of their shots hitting the backboard. Loughborough had more luck in the way of points, making far more of their shots count than NTU and coming away from the second quarter still in the lead, the score 50-23 with half the time gone.

The return from the half time break saw a resurgence from both teams. Loughborough steadily increasing their points and Notts Trent really fighting back with some fast footwork to push their score to nearly double what it was at the break. With the score 65-43 at the end of the third quarter, things were hotting up as the game headed into its final stages.

With the final quarter underway, Loughborough continued notching up their points tally. Though NTU put up a fight, they left their comeback too late and ended the game with a 25-point loss, the score 86-61.

Loughborough’s consistency proved to be more than a match for NTU’s moments of flare in this hard-fought contest and pushes them to the top of the Midland 2A conference, having won six of their seven games so far.

Liz Tyler


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