A two-man band formed in the depths of California would have never expected to reach such heights. Fat men Kyle Gass and Jack Black combined to form the awesome Tenacious D, a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but nonetheless produces music of a quality that says otherwise.

The legendary duo in 2014 celebrate their twenty years in music having seduced the charts along the way with iconic songs such as “F*** her gently”, celebrated their cult status with aplomb for fans with the unmistakable “Tribute” – a song that demonstrates the extent of KG’s classical guitar talents and the immense lyrical genius of JB.

Along the way Tenacious D have stormed the cinemas with their film “The Pick of Destiny”, which has received acclaim from several armchair critics. In this film the bands origins are discovered, their musical dynamic still developing but the comedy is definitely there.   

Having played the greatest and best song in the world for the devil and soared on the wings of a demon one asks what is next for Tenacious D? Currently they are performing on their “Rize of the Fenix” tour which to be honest isn’t as good as their self-titled album Tribute, or even the album “Pick of Destiny” but it still maintains that lyrical satire which led them to recognition twenty years ago.  

Here’s hoping for another twenty years in the game.

Mike Silva


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