We all know that students have the stereotype of being skint and hammered 99% of the time. We all look for the cheapest possible thing we can find and take dear advantage of the angel that is the student discount. However, this is not always available when you’re standing at the checkout watching the bog standard Glen’s vodka and various other 39p food items whiz across the scanner. You may have been used to the odd celebration with fancy bottles of wine prior to coming to university, but now, you find yourself reminiscing to the time when you could actually afford something that wasn’t own brand. Here are the top five drinks most favoured by students.

1 – Vodka: The notorious spirit drink is quite simply the best value for money, not only for pre-drinking, but also when you’re out. It works great with a great variety of mixers and is possibly the most potent (and bearable) spirit of all. Finding a full litre for as little as £16 can also stretch over a couple of nights out, saving you a lot of money.

2 – Jägerbombs: Possibly the tastiest, yet sadly, most fattening drink of all. This drink in the clubs seems to always be the cheapest with good value, combining both a shot of the herbal spirit and energy drink. Students favour this drink the most simply because of the ridiculous deals with which they are advertised.

3 – Wine: Often considered to be a girly drink and tends to be a bit more neglected in the party scene. Wine would be the ‘dark horse’ in association with students and alcohol choices. Although the taste can be bitter the drier the wine, adding cheap mixers such as lemonade adds the sweetness often needed in particularly the cheaper wines. It’s also ideal for budgeting, as wine is surprisingly cheaper than you think; you can easily find a good value bottle for around a fiver in most shops. Tip: if you want to avoid feeling ill the next day, avoid heavy red wines.

4 – Frosty Jack’s cider: Although this may be one of the most disgusting (in a girl’s opinion) concoctions known to man, good old FJ’s is always the best last resort, standing in at as little as £2.75 per bottle.

5 – Lambrini: It’s the one we don’t want to admit we drink. The ‘Light Perry’ drink is basically like the female version of Frosty Jack’s.  Although it isn’t generally sold at clubs, it’s great if you want something cheap and you don’t really care about the taste.

Alice Priestley


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