I love Christmas; the lights, the films, the food, but I only like Christmas in its correct month: December.  Unfortunately, when the cute little John Lewis ad appears on TV or “Holidays are coming’” can be heard ringing through the streets of Loughborough in the month of November, “Bah Humbug” is what pops to mind.   Why would I want to be reminded that I haven’t began scavenging ideas for Christmas presents and that I have some of the scariest deadlines of my educational life due after the break?

As with every year I refuse to become “Christmassy” until the clock officially states that it is 1st December and despite this I will be found waiting impatiently to open my advent calendar –it is chocolate after all.  While I understand that it is a good thing to start shopping early to beat the rush, I don’t appreciate being inundated with the reminder that the jolliest time of the year is approaching when I’m not feeling particularly jolly (thanks to November’s round of formative essays). 

I don’t want to come across as a complete Scrooge as I still get ridiculously excited at Christmas and I cannot wait to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, but as one friend put it: “if I get excited for Christmas too early then there just won’t be enough excitement left for December.”  So I’d rather spend one month getting into sugar stupors and eating my entire weight in chocolate than having to experience two months worth, no one’s skin can recover quickly from that.

Each year Christmas seems to arrive earlier and as soon as it is over Easter eggs spring into action. There’s barely enough time to focus as it is rushed from one holiday to the next – especially with Sky’s extensive box set collection. 

I will happily walk up and down Epinal Way in tinsel and baubles but not a second before it hits December, until then I will still complain when my housemates wear Rudolph jumpers (you know who you are) and Christmas continues to invade my favourite trashy TV programmes. 

Becky Healey


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