We’ve all had that morning when you’re wrapped up in your duvet, don’t want to leave the warmth of your bed and there’s a looming 9 am seminar or lecture. Here are my Top 5 song suggestions to get you going on those mornings.

1)     Wake Me Up- Avicii

With lyrics like ‘Wake me up when it’s all over’ and ‘Feeling my way through the darkness’, this could pretty much define the need to stay curled up in bed. The song’s clubbing vibe is what wakes you up.

2)     Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore

A classic Stuesday or FND track, this song is all about defying limits and not letting anything stop you taking over the world, (or just getting out of bed).

3)      Juke Box Hero- Foreigner

It might be that I’ve been watching too much Rock of Ages, but it’s difficult not to start tapping to the beat. Nothing like a classic rock song to get your day started.

4)     On My Way- Charlie Brown

This one’s a bit mellower than the others, but the lyrics are perfect for motivating yourself. ‘Might not be on top of the world but I’m on my way’.

5)     Counting Stars- One Republic

Released this summer, Counting Stars really grows on you and gives you the boost you need to start your day.

Cathryn Antoniadis


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