Curated by Huw Stephens from Radio One, Coffee House Sessions see up and coming artists and bands playing live in Piazza every other Monday. These artists tour around 40 universities across the country and student media has a key role to play in the publicity of the tour and the artists alike.

On Monday 21 October, Label had the chance to listen to guitarist and singer-songwriter, Dougie Crosbie, whose debut EP entitled ‘Choices and Ambitions’ was released earlier this year.  Praised for his unique lyrics and melodies and his contribution to music, Crosbie’s songs and style have been very popular. Some of his previous live performances include the Isle of Wight, the Skye Music Festival and the Shepherds Bush Empire among others.

His set at Loughborough University was the perfect ticket for a mellow Monday morning with coffee and book in hand. While Crosbie’s stage set-up was simple and uncomplicated, the passion and feeling in the lyrics of his songs were particularly strong and impressive. The lyrics of some of the songs were easy to identify with, including ‘nothing’s gonna change unless you do’. It was refreshing to hear music with a meaning and story behind it. Crosbie’s songs encourage you to reflect about life, both the bad experiences and the good ones and they are particularly memorable.

In terms of similar artists, James Blunt and Jeff Buckley (‘Hallelujah’) both come to mind as singers who are incredibly talented at making you sympathise with the words of the song, evoking emotions and letting you take some time out.

My favourite song of the set was ‘Little Dream’. There was an optimism to it that made me feel slightly more awake on a Monday afternoon and the beat and rhythm of the piece felt familiar to me, making it easy for me to take it in and enjoy.

I would highly recommend listening to some of his songs on YouTube or buying his CD.  Crosbie’s music is perfect for when you just need to have some quiet time.

You can follow Dougie Crosbie @dougiecrosbie and

Cathryn Antoniadis


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