'WITCH' Fancy Dress will you Choose?

The Halloween activities are about to begin, so it’s now time to get thinking about those fancy dress costumes and celebrate! Whether you want a quick and easy solution or to go all out and dress to impress, here is the place to look. It shouldn’t break your student bank account and you’re sure to get plenty of werewolf whistles.

Regarding the males of Loughborough and how much time they like to spend at the gym, why not buy some body paint and show off those muscles. Paint yourself red with some horns and a pitchfork and be a devil? Paint yourself green with ripped old shorts and be the beast from Frankenstein or the incredible hulk? Or even show your sense of humour and paint yourself orange and be a pumpkin! Any sort of body and face paint is striking and shows you have made an effort.

It is even easier for the girls. How about a feminine gremlin? Every girl has her favourite little dress, so add a headpiece and there you have it: an understated yet pretty Halloween costume. Headpieces can include devil horns, angel halo, witches hat, animal ears, spider headband, masquerade masks; the list goes on and on. I would also recommend fluttering some extra-long multicoloured, fake eyelashes just to look that extra special.

Nonetheless if you really are counting those pennies, recycle your fancy dress costumes and simply add a little fake blood. Be a dead school girl/boy, a dead animal, a dead nurse/doctor or even a dead Harry Potter. The possibilities are endless and it’s an extremely scary alternative. Take advantage of this clever trick and be drop dead gorgeous!

However, if you want to be the centre of Halloween attention you need to be dressed up from head to toe. A mummy is ideal, buy plenty of bandages or even toilet roll and get wrapping! Add talcum powder to your hair and body to give an authentic finish. A second idea is to be a vampire. Whether you are team Edward or Jacob this costume will be a big hit. Blood dripping fangs are essential, white paint to lighten the skin, wear dark clothes with a big collar, a long cape and don’t forget to shoe polish that hair to look extra slick. Make Count Dracula proud.

My final costume idea is to dress as a Zombie. Get the scissors out and cut up your clothes for the night. Wear ketchup as fake blood, black smudged eye make-up and look as tatty as possible. Mess up your hair and practice that zombie walk. Wear black or white contact lenses as the ultimate shock factor.

There you have it: a few fancy dress ideas that will help create your perfect outfit this Halloween

Last but not least, have a beastly time!

Happy Halloween!

Sophie Evans


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