Introducing Student Artists: Sarah Hodgkiss

Sarah Hodgkiss was the lucky winner of Label’s first monthly Illustration Competition, run by the Illustration section of Label magazine. Each month sees a different theme, which artists must base a piece of artwork around. Entries are then displayed online and are voted for by other students. Last month’s theme was, quite fittingly, Freshers. Despite many incredible entries, Sarah’s “Evolution of a Fresher” received an amazing fifty votes and was therefore declared as the winning piece. Read below to find out more about the winning artist;

Name: Sarah Hodgkiss

Course: Fine Art

Favourite material/medium to work with: Generally, I like using watercolour and ink, but have recently got into using Uni Posca markers because they leave a strong mark whatever you're using them on.

Idea for winning piece: I figured that most entries would be based on images of the actual events of Freshers and wanted to do something slightly different and a little comical, then I saw the Evolution of Man image in a magazine, and went from there.

Potential career choice: Ideally, I would like to live from selling my own art work, but very few people are that successful. So long as I'm doing something art related and get to travel a bit, I'll be happy.

Links to Website/Social Media:

Facebook –

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A note from Sarah: “If anyone wants to commissions some work, collaborate on something, or just has a query, please feel free to contact me using one of the methods above.”

If you want to get involved in this month’s competition, the theme has been announced as “Halloween” and the deadline for entry is the 13 October. Visit the Label Illustrator’s Facebook page for more details on how to get involved:


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