Yesterday saw the first of three move in days for Loughborough Freshers. The Fresher helpers were out in force helping Freshers and their parents carry endless bags, handbags and suitcases to their new home for the year. Label travelled from Towers to David Collet to Elvyn Richards to Royce and finally ended at Bill Mo, asking Freshers how they were feeling about the weeks and months to come;

'I'm really excited! But I know that's what everyone is going to say. I am most looking forward to tonight, because I have got some really nice Fresher helpers on my floor and I can't wait to go out and meet everyone. The Toga party and the Sing Off are the other nights I'm also excited for, Towers are going to win you heard it here first!' Ben Steward – Towers Hall Fresher

'That's a very good question, probably just getting out there and meeting everyone and getting to know all the people I'm living with. I'm also really up for the Freshers Welcome Party tonight. I'm loving what I'm seeing at DC and am very eager for the Sing Off' Connor Litchfield – David Collet Hall Fresher

'I'm looking forward to it now that I have moved in and I'm excited for the party tonight as it's Elvyn's German Night and I have heard quite a bit about it. I'm also really excited for Freshers Ball, and for getting involved in Rag and Action and just generally throwing myself in' Kieran – Elvyn Richards Fresher

'I can't wait to meet everyone I'm living with, just going out and enjoying myself at the Welcome Parties and the Freshers Ball, which I have heard has some really good acts performing. The Sing Off should also be a great night after hearing all about it!' Frankie Dixon – Royce Hall Fresher

'I'm excited for everything really! The Freshers pack that we got in the post had a lot of information in it and really got me itching to get here. All the Fresher Helpers have been really helpful so far and I can't wait to meet everyone else' Katie – William Morris Fresher

Moving in tomorrow? Watch out for the media team wondering around your halls and come and have a chat with us!

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