Name: Royce
Hall Chair: Sam Wells
Location: Student Village
Catering: Catered
Distance from the Union: 10 minutes

From the Hall Chair:

'Hello Freshers, and hello to all you Roycians! My name is Sam Wells and I am the Royce hall Chair, leading a team of 19 students to give you the best student experience Loughborough can offer! Royce has three brilliant attributes; a long history, the best socials and a great
sporting tradition. In the year of 2012/13 we celebrated Royce's 50th anniversary, inviting
previous students back to their hall to reminisce. Current and previous students had the
opportunity to meet and converse about their experiences, which in true Royce style,
finished with a social!

We have many organised and spontaneous socials over the year that involve all of the hall
from formal events to big punch parties. St Fred's day celebrates our honoured statue of
Fred that stands in Royce and has done so since the 60's. This day is celebrated with bouncy
castles, music and a massive night out.

What better way is there to follow a calorie filled day than with sport fixtures? In Royce we
like to lose the weight we put on with every sport imaginable. Most popular tend to be
football, rugby, volleyball and tennis. A mixture of talents that in Royce, we celebrate,
winning the IMS Rugby trophy along with Varsity against Nottingham University halls!

If you are coming to Royce you might be scared about it being catered, but our dining hall
offers unusual friendships, often with our firm and friendly dinner ladies who love a cheeky
chat. It serves as the best meeting point three times a day. If you are coming to Royce you
will quickly settle in, it's social, friendly and we do our very best to get everyone involved. If
you're not in Royce, we welcome your challenge!'


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