Name: Faraday
Hall Chair: Rob Whittaker
Location: Student Village
Catering: Catered
Distance from the Union: 10 minutes

From the Hall Chair:

'Hello, I am Faraday's Hall Chair, Rob Whittaker. If you have chosen Faraday as your hall for September 2013 then you are in for a treat! Named Hall of the Year 2012 and narrowly missing out by 3 points in 2013, you can see what all the hype is about.

We have an absolutely amazing Freshers lined up, with two trips to Leicester for you to look forward too which are completely unique to Faraday Hall, plus some highly anticipated nights in Loughborough.

So you may be wondering just what is it that makes Faraday so good? Not only are we one of the closest communities within Loughborough but we also seem to do pretty well in all other aspects of Loughborough life! We have one IMS 5 years in a row and we are hoping to win for a 6th time with your help! But don't fret if sport isn't your thing, many aspects of Faraday Hall are incredible and something that others envy, and you can get involved in a variety of way.

Moreover you can be sure that we also throw some brilliant socials for the whole hall. Our annual Burns night and Grace Dieu Awards Evening strung with tradition, are experience you could never experience in another hall, definitely two huge events not to miss! So you now know that you've got all this to look forward to plus much more. Myself, the rest of committee and all of Faraday can't wait to meet you all in a day's time, hope you are excited for the best year of your life!'


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