Welcome to day 1 of Label's official Freshers Fortnight countdown. Each day we will be bringing you a different Freshers related article, to tell you all you need to know about both Freshers Fortnight and Loughborough in general. From fun facts about your soon to-be favourite location, your student union, to advice about the best eating spots in Loughborough town, we will provide you with everything you need to know and more. At the same time, we will be bringing you profiles of each of the university halls both on and off campus. Halls will become a big part of your student experience, so knowing a little more about each one will surely be beneficial.

Ask any returner, Freshers Fortnight is two weeks you will never forget. This year, Freshers Fortnight is set to be bigger than ever, with amazing entertainment organised for each night out (Danny Howard, Nick Grimshaw and Matt Edmonson to name a few). On top of this, with Benga, Naughty Boy and Professor Green gracing the Room 1 stage at the Freshers Ball, it is surely going to be a night to remember.

Aside from the big nights out, hall life is going to be the most influential factor on your time during freshers. There is hall rivalry like none other here at Loughborough, and the night where this culminates is quite a famous one, it's the Sing Off. You may not believe it now but winning the Sing Off will become your biggest concern as Sunday 29 September looms ever closer. And even when lectures start and the work begins, you probably won't work as hard on anything else for the next two weeks as you will with learning the lyrics and dance moves to your hall's Sing Off routine. Last year's winners William Morris set the standard quite high, and looking at the themes this year it seems each hall has something to give.

As you have probably heard, dressing-up is very popular during freshers, you can expect to be in some array of fancy dress for the majority your nights out, even when you venture out for a night in Loughborough town or even during your hall's away night to a neighbouring city. Both Nottingham and Leicester have played host to various hall's away nights as well as being venues for the Freshers Rag Raids, which your hall's Rag reps will tell you all about in due course.

Tomorrow's article is entitled 'All About Rag', and will introduce you to something I strongly advise you to get involved in, Loughborough Students Rag, who last year raised an incredible £1,080,764.46 for various charities across the United Kingdom.
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