So Skyball is quickly approaching, and in our final Style meeting we were joking that if we couldn’t find something Bond-esque to wear, you’ll see us rocking up in bikinis with wet hair trying to channel our inner Eva Green, Jane Seymour and Halle Berry.

Trying to summarise the iconic Bond is hard, but action, glamour, sophistication always come up, and of course, Daniel Craig in those shorts. So where better to do a Grad Ball themed shoot than underwater! Well if it’s good enough for Next Top Model, then the Loughborough swimming pool is good enough for us.

This year we have tried to do as many different shoots as possible, and this was the perfect goodbye challenge, not just for us, but for the photographers, Carolyn and Matt too.

So leave the bikinis and martinis at home on Friday and let us inspire some last minute ideas! This is the year of Bond, so if there was ever a time to take the plunge, a risk, it’s now. Have an amazing night, and we present to you, our final shoot of the year.

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