Jerome Goudie has been selected as the new Head Coach for Loughborough Students Men’s Hockey, replacing David Ralph and John Blebly.

Yesterday, Loughborough University’s Deputy Director of Sport Andrew Borrie revealed the current women’s First XI coach Goudie as the new men’s Head Coach with immediate effect. The former England and Great Britain international has since made a name for himself in the coaching world, developing and refining young talent in the women’s game.

Borrie has said: “I am delighted that we have appointed Jerome as our new men’s hockey coach.  Not only does he have the experience of playing top-level hockey for club and country, but he has also excelled during his tenure as Head Coach for the women’s team. This appointment is not only a progression for Jerome, but it also means we can add a new stimulus to the women’s programme by appointing a new coach.”

Goudie started his time at Loughborough in 1995 studying PE, Sports Science and Recreation Management with a sports scholarship. He started his hockey career in Hong Kong but made his debut for England in 2001, eventually making over 100 appearances for his country. Goudie retired from international duty in 2007, but continued to play for Loughborough Students in the English and European Hockey league. Under the newly developed initiative, Goudie joined the full-time hockey coaching team in 2007.

The new men’s hockey Head Coach has had this to say since his appointment: “I am proud to have been selected to lead the men’s programme and work with an exciting, talented group of players. I am looking forward to develop a new team, building on what our strengths are and continue the improvements we have made over the last few years.”

“As I will be staying at Loughborough I will be able to follow the fortunes of the women’s team that I coached for six years, a period that I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and seeing the players and teams progress.”

Goudie replaces David Ralph and John Blebly, former Scotland and England internationals respectively, who chose to take up Assistant Coach roles with England Hockey earlier this month.


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