On May 25th, Label Style Team are teaming up with Rag to bring you an exciting fashion show supporting Breast Cancer! We’ve started the organisation and planning process and have had some really funky and unique brands confirmed.

Milly Green got the chance to interview those at The Rework, gaining an understanding of the brand and boosting our excitement pre-fashion show!

1.    For those who haven’t heard of The Rework, what’s it all about? And tell us about your collection?

The Rework is an independent brand from West Yorkshire. We stock in a few local shops and have an online website to order from. Our collection ranges from reworked vintage items such as Levis and denim shirts to hand made pocket t-shirts and brightly dyed tees, vests and crop tops. There really is something for everyone!

2.    What exactly is your role at The Rework and how did you start?

My role is – EVERYTHING! I create all the items; deal with the orders and process deliveries. I started off just on eBay buying and selling vintage items which I added my own little twist to.

3.    What inspired you to create your own clothing company?

I started out on eBay and my passion just grew and grew – that's when I developed the brand.

4.    How has the brand progressed?

I started up in June last year from basically nothing, now I have over 3,000 Facebook likes and up to 300 hits a day on the website. I also stock in three local shops!

5.    Who inspires you?

There are a lot of small independent brands which I admire – anyone trying to do this will know how hard it is to be recognised!

6.    What are your favourite fashion labels, high street or designer?

I personally love anything Topshop. But I do try to support other local brands when I can!

7.    What is your favourite piece in the current The Rework collection?

At the moment I am in love with the Levis (of which I have a fair few pairs) and the colourful crop tops!

8.    What is next for The Rework? 

Summer time goodies! Think bright colours and wacky fabrics! 

We’re excited for the Fashion Supports Breast Cancer fashion show on the May 25th, and The Rework involvement has got us even more hyped. Check out their website http://www.therework.co.uk/ and look out for them at the Fashion Show.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for ticket sales and competition opportunities!


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