For all the sport-lovers out there, Label Sport suggests fifteen athletic adventures, unforgettable matches and adrenaline pumping escapades to try before you die, all over the world! How many have you done already?

Watch the Hong Kong Sevens (Hong Kong)

This three-day, fast-paced, exciting rugby tournament is the sixth leg of the IBS Sevens World Series. Held in March, it is considered the best tournament in the series. Perfect for any rugby fan that also likes to enjoy a drink or two in the sunshine. 

Ride the Garden Route (South Africa)

Wildlife, beaches, sheltered lagoons, bush land, fishing towns, mountain passes and long smooth winding roads. The route is full of challenging hills but any keen cyclists dream. Bradley Wiggins eat your heart out!

Join the Running of the Bulls (Spain)

This annual tradition held every July will certainly get your adrenaline pumping. Grab your running trainers and a red bandana. Safety not guaranteed. 

Tough Guy Challenge (UK) 

This event is Tough Mudder’s older and more extreme British cousin. The event happens in January near Wolverhampton, and spans about twelve kilometers. Only a third of entrants ever finish the punishing course, so don’t forget to sign the ‘death warrant’ before participating though…. 

Catch a foul ball at a baseball game (USA)

Get yourself to a Red Sox, Royals or any other Major League Baseball game and keep your eye on the ball! 

Walk the Sentiero Azzuro (Italy)

This is a beautiful seven-mile walk through five old fairy tale towns perched above the clear blue sea. Great for romance seekers, and the best time to go is spring.

Run a Marathon

It just has to be done, whether it's for charity or to tick of your bucket list…

Take a trip to Wimbledon (UK)

Camp out the night before with friends and enjoy the festival atmosphere. Tickets in the morning are almost guaranteed. Grab your Pimms or strawberries and cream, and hit the courts. This year could be legendary if Andy Murray finds himself in the final again so don’t miss it. 

Watch the Monaco Grand Prix (Monaco)

Nothing beats seeing the most prestigious automobile race in the world in person. Very glamorous so don’t forget sunglasses, with lots of yachts too. 

Ski the Sarenne (France) 

Get some snow on the longest black run in the Alps in Alpe d’Huez. At ten miles long, it provides roughly an hour and a half of continuous skiing. There is a very impressive steep launch, or mogul bypass for less confident skiers. 

Catch a game at The Camp Nou (Spain)

The largest football stadium in Europe is well worth seeing with seats for almost 100,000 fans at the home of FC Barcelona. Pope John Paul II has been there, so should you! 

Surf the Banzai Pipeline (Hawaii) 

Warning- only for the fearless. Pipeline is know for being one of the most dangerous waves in the world and a black hole for anyone wanting to prove their surfing abilities. On the biggest of days, Pipe breaks way out in the middle of the ocean at what is called ‘third reef’ and often attracts a crowd of pros willing to paddle out to be able to scratch a third wave.

Go Himalayan Putting (UK)

Try the eighteen holes on the challenging mini undulating hills in St. Andrews for a bit of fun. Just like the famous ‘Old Course’, but smaller. 

Do an Ironman

This triathlon is a 3.9km swim, 180km bike ride and 42km run. Prepare for blood, sweat and tears as it is the ultimate endurance test, but you will earn some serious respect. The best ones are Hawaii, Lanzarote and Austria.

Run the Naked 400 (Loughborough)

Any true sporting fan in Loughborough needs to tick this off the list down at the athletics stadium. Get out there, get naked!

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