On day nine of our countdown to Label's Fifteenth Anniversary special issue, Music Editor Ella Stanbrook brings you fifteen things you may not know about Loughborough and the university.

1.     Loughborough University’s motto is “Veritate, Scientia, Labore”, meaning “with truth, freedom and labour.”

2.     In its early years, Loughborough University tried to mimic the Oxbridge environment, requiring students to wear gowns to lectures.

3.     Sports students used to have to wear a different style of scarf from other undergraduates.

4.     The most borrowed book in the library is a copy of "Modern banking theory and practice" by Shelagh Hefferman, which has been borrowed over 760 times!

5.     30-35% of undergraduate students are sponsored by leading UK companies.

6.     Things are looking up for anyone graduating this year, given the average Loughborough graduate salary is currently £21,800!

7.     The male-female ratio at Loughborough is as low as you would expect, with 63% of students being male and only 37% female.

8.     Out of the 400 staff at Loughborough Student’s Union, over 300 are students.

9.     Label was previously called The Newspaper.

10.  At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, a huge 56 past and present Loughborough Students represented various countries in both the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

11.  During the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Loughborough athletes won 44 medals overall, including six golds.

12.  At the moment more than 250 international athletes are studying in Loughborough.

13.  The highest temperature recorded in Loughborough was on the August 3rd 1990, when it reached 34.8 degrees Celsius.

14.  Loughborough is home to the largest manufacturer of bells.

15.  Loughborough was the destination of the world’s first package tour, organised by Thomas Cook in 1841.

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